The displayed girls in the list of escorts are for the purpose of showing real pics of these beautiful girls to make clients feel frequent and to remove any type of hesitation. So it is to be clarified that all the information provided by us regarding the call girls on our site is genuine. 

However, pictures may vary with the real pics of the girls because it is amongst the most famous websites and it may hamper the privacy of the escorts. 

But we will provide you with a real pic of the girls in your chatting account. You can verify them before availing the service. All aged persons are welcome here. But the client should be 18+ of age and all the escorts fulfilled all the legal criteria proposed by the government.  

The website and organization hold all the rights to add or remove an escort from the website. If we detect any fraud we won’t allow the person to work with us. We host clients from the upper class so we do not make any compromise with the quality of the service. 

All the information provided on our site is for educational and informational purposes. This information is not provided by professional experts. You may contact a professional for better guidance and know-how of the situation.  

External links disclaimer

Our website also allows different websites’ external links, which are helpful for better results. But we don’t have any affiliation regarding that. So please verify by yourself whenever you go to those websites. 

We often do verification of these external links as well as all the listed independent escorts and if we get any type of doubt we remove them. 

But it might be possible that some may be found and we have no affiliation regarding them. These links are added for commercial purposes and also for the knowledge of the clients.

Personal experience disclaimer or Professional disclaimer

A lot of people share their ideas and experiences with the escorts. We allow them to hide their real name and ID for the person’s secrecy. We do not allow anyone to breach their privacy. However, all the experiences shared by them are real and true. Therefore, the name and ID may vary but the experiences shared by them are real. 

Our organization is always ready to serve you with full cooperation. Our executives are always prepared to support you and to remove your doubts and hesitations. Feel free to contact us.

Thousands of people have trusted us and they are availing our service frequently for a decade. A lot of regular clients are here to share their experience and knowledge regarding the service. So, we never try to hamper anyone’s personality so there won’t be any privacy breach from our side.

 However, all the genuine information about the female escort will be shared when you finalize an escort for the service. Enjoy the service with an open and free mind.

The organization has all the rights to amend and make changes in the information provided by us on the website and also regarding the service.

However, you can contact us frequently and our executives will help you to remove all your doubts.

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